Fake Cigarettes

  • Front-view Cigarettes!
    Front-view Cigarettes!
  • Handmade cheapest Souvenirs from London!
    Handmade cheapest Souvenirs from London!

You will find really different and funny souvenirs at best wholesale price!All the articles are made in UK-and I am sure,you have never seen these amazing products at perfect wholesale price!First of all-they are totally handmade!The Souvenir Cigarettes are attraction-as a joke or advertisement-will cheer up every customer in your shop!They can be made with your cheerful bespoke picture(without additional cost), or with a photo and text - from your city,or your area,or...your face!Тhey are made in likeness of real cigarettes-but their sizes are amazing!Get the best wholesale price for souvenirs-from UK producer!


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