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  • Certificate-Greeting Cards
    Certificate-Greeting Cards
  • Design of Greeting Cards
    Design of Greeting Cards
  • UK Certificate-Wishing Cards
    UK Certificate-Wishing Cards

Established in 1997 in Bulgaria, we started as family Company! We have launched a UK based office in South-East London, close to Woolwich on Monday 1st of March. For more than 20 years our family-based company has produced and sold our unique Greeting Cards to the general public at wholesale prices. Our greeting cards are printed on special marble vintage design paper, curved at both ends, just like an ancient Egyptian document. Our PAPYRUS greeting cards are a one of kind gift and a unique product for your store. Experience has shown that our Greeting Cards and funny Diplomas are a great addition to small business owners and provide their customers a low price, unique option.  We regulate our wholesalers to ensure there isn’t a saturation of our product in a particular area. When you place an order we will do a quick verification of your business location to ensure our partners have exclusivity of the marketplace. We would love to work with a variety of shops: Off License, Post office, Flower shops, Souvenir shops etc. We sell greeting cards, funny fake diplomas, wishing cards and Souvenir Cigarettes. Our products are a unique and funny gift for people of all ages and suitable for any souvenir stand. If you are interested in any of our products submit your interest today. We sell our products at wholesale price – Minimum order 50 pounds. (Customers ordering at retail price-there is no min. order required!). Further discount is applied to larger wholesaler orders, this will increase your profit.



We offer bespoke design on our products at no extra charge! If you want a specialized product, let us know your personalization details.