Funny Certificates

Fake Certificates-greetings just for your fun with best wholesale price!Thanks to our great experience-we can offer you Unique Card-design, which you will not see in other stores!

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  • Greeting Cards for Students!

    BEST STUDENT in the WORLD-Certificate!

    Product Code : 001035

    He is always looking to cheat, always is looking sciential and with smart face-the Student sometimes is Devil:) Best greeteing for best Student Ever!

    Our stock level:999
  • Just fo your Birthday!

    BIRTHDAY BOY/GIRL №1 - real document

    Product Code : 001022

    Greetings for birthday-we have written the sweetest words to your close friend as Certificate-you need to feel the name:)

    Our stock level:1006
  • Bartender of the year!

    Best BARTENDER - Greetings with Certificate!

    Product Code : 001049

    At the head of the party-this person always knows how to have fun,he always knows how to ask you-so that he can take your money-unnoticed by you!They call him Bartender, but he is a half devil:)

    Our stock level:991
  • Real Man-Firefighter Number 1

    Best FIREFIGHTER - Greetings with Certificate!

    Product Code : 001051

    Have you ever met him-тhe man who literally jumps into fire!This great man we called not just Firefighter, we need to say Hero!Special greetings to the best man ever-in our designed wishing cards!

    Our stock level:999
  • Wishes for Cleaner №1!

    CLEANER №1-funny Certificate to best one!

    Product Code : 001045

    Without a wish for the cleaners we can't get so far-their work is always visible and everything shines everywhere-they are just magicians!

    Our stock level:1000
  • Best Cook Ever!

    Certificate for CHEF-Best COOK ever!

    Product Code : 001031

    We all know that when we are hungry - the most important person in the whole universe is the COOK!The most wonderful wishes you will send in our great design Greeting Cards!

    Our stock level:1000
  • My Best MOM ever!

    Certificate to MY MOM-she is the BEST!

    Product Code : 001030

    To Mother we can say only best wishes, because she is the only one in the world wich loves us unconditionally!It doesn't matter either for Mother"s day, Birthday or just like this-always will be nice greetings for for the most beloved person!

    Our stock level:1000
  • The Best Friend ever!

    FRIEND NUMBER 1 - the best you ever seen!

    Product Code : 001009

    Everyone needs real good friend, to share and support you!Best friends exist in our greeting cards as real best person!

    Our stock level:1000
  • Grandpa forever!


    Product Code : 001024

    The sweetest words to Grandfather you will find a in funniest fake Certificates!

    Our stock level:1000
  • Best Builder Ever!


    Product Code : 001044

    Оur greetings are addressed to those people with heavy and responsible proffesion-builders!Let's give them the attention they need and the respect-which they deserve!

    Our stock level:1000
  • Fisherman of the year!


    Product Code : 001050

    Тhis man is a legend!No one will ever know - whether the stories of big fishes are true or a complete lie:)Greeting Cards to Fisherman N1!

    Our stock level:1000
  • Best Jubularian ever!

    JUBILARIAN-the most charming of the World!

    Product Code : 001034

    It's not just Birthday, or just holiday,or just "Red-letter day"!Тo celebrate this day with this person is a privilege!Great wishing message to Jubilarian!

    Our stock level:1000