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Q: Can you describe accepted payments?

A: We accept PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers!

Q: When my order will be delivered?

A: Due to the hand-made nature of the items, please allow 5-7 days for delivery (we provide economy delivery)! We will give you a detailed message via email/Whats App once we receive your payment!

Q: How much will your shipping cost me?

A: Your shipping is always free!

Q: Do you accept non-English greetings as customized cards?

A: Yes, we do! Simply send us your text!

Q: Do you have a franchise model for your registered design?

A: We're currently thinking about it, but it should be ready by the end of 2021! The franchise will be really inexpensive!

Q: Is it possible for me to obtain an additional discount?

A: Sure! Drop us an email and we will send you a special discount code!

Q: Can you explain - who is wholesaler?

A: If you are intending to spend over 50£-just register yourself as wholesaler (to be able to buy at wholesale price Greeting Cards and Souvenirs - and job is done, OR - send US your business postcode via WhatsApp - we will give you answer in 8 hour! (Please note - you still need to register yourself as Wholesaler on GreetingCards.london)

Q: Can I use a different address for delivery while registering with GreetingCards.london?

A: During the registration process, we assume that your address is the billing one. When you reach the checkout page, you will be able to select a delivery address (optional).

Q: I've bought 200+ greeting cards; how can I let you know that I require a Rack with free hooks?

A: Before submitting your order, simply add "I need free Rack" in the Comment area!

Q: How to install the rack?

A: Our racks are really light - you can either hang them wherever you need, or just lean them against the wall! You will be receiving your rack and hooks separately, so you need to assemble them. To keep the hooks firmly, you need to use pliers to squeeze them, or just to catch them with something to the rack(packing tape, Cable tie, etc...)

FAQ - Gallery 4

Hang the Rack

Hang the Rack

Lean it against the wall

Lean it against the wall

Squeeze the hook

Squeeze the hook

Use Cable tie...

Use Cable tie...

Arange the hooks

Arange the hooks