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  • Greeting Cards wholesale!
    Greeting Cards wholesale!
  • Cigarette-bestseller!

All the Products made by GreetingCards.London are hand-made!Our complex manufacturing process of the SOUVENIR CIGARETTE has 12 hand processed stages - to provide our partners with high quality, original products (have a look at our video explanation HERE (21 cm Cigarettes), HERE (30 cm FAKE CIGARS) and HERE (50 cm Huge Cigarettes). GreetingCards.LONDON have a registered UK Design! A truly original product that you can personalise free of charge! Many people call our wishing Cards PAPYRUS CARDS , because they look like ancient Egiptian Papyrus (same design and color). They are printed on special customized marble paper and have a hand-finish. Our attractive souvenirs are made in UK and we can provide a better Wholesale price then Chinese producers!  You won't find a company that  will beat our best wholesale price in the UK(even in EU). If you have a small shop (or bigger one) and want attractive products that could make a exellent return then get in touch! Check Papyrus History, while you wait here:)

You will find amazing wholesale souvenir prices! Find out more about our Registered GREETING CARDS Design HERE! Explore our BIG FAKE CIGARETTES (3 different XXL sizes) HERE!


1. Our products are completely different - customers enjoy something unusual

2. Attractive Unique Design

3. Fantastic Wholesale Price (made in UK)

4. Personalize the design for no extra charge

5. Cheap Greeting Cards - handmade finish with special registered design

6. Teritorial Sale - Our products are available to ONLY 2 shops in particular area