FREE Delivery

FREE DELIVERY on all Orders(over 5 pounds ). Enjoy!

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Q: Describe accepted payments?

A: We accept PayPal and Bank Transfer ONLY!

Q: What is delivery time of my order?

A: Due to handmade nature of products-5 to 6 days(2-3 days to preparing and 2-3 days for delivering)!After receiving your payment,we will send you a detailed message!

Q: How much will cost me your delivery?

A: If your order is over 5 £ - delivery is always free, otherwise will be 1.50 £.

Q: Do you accept non English greetings as bespoke Cards?

A: Yes,we do!Just provide us your text!

Q: Have you got franchise model,relating to your registered design?

A: We are still thinking about it and will be available in the end of summer 2021!The franchise will be amazing cheap!

Q: I need additional discount, can I receive it?

A: Of course!Drop us an email an we will give you special discount voucher!

Q: Can you explain - who is wholesaler?

A: If you are intending to spend over 50£-just register yourself as wholesaler and job is done!