OUR BIG OPENNING is on 01.02.2021.If you register your interest before this date (simple registration on our web-site) ,then you will receive a discount of up to 30% OFF your first order!

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OUR BIG OPENNING is on 01.02.2021, so if you has registered your interest before this

date (simple registration on GREETINGCARDS.LONDON - will receive 15 % discount!!!

We will be accumulating % above with other DISCOUNTS!(until 01.02.2021)




We are happy to show everyone our Basic Wholesale Price List in advance(Min. order - 50 £):

GREETING CARDS (all types) - 0,60 £/ pc.

FAKE CIGARETTES 21 cm - 1,10 £/ pc.

REALISTIC CIGAR 30 cm - 1,32 £/ pc.

HUGE CIGARETTES 50 cm - 3,30 £/pc.

We have attractive and totally different products!If you need great items at best price-contact us!


According to our policy:

1)  You need to register on GREETINGCARDS.LONDON (just check "I am a Wholesaler"

    in Registration form and fill required fields)

2) We will check your business location and will set up your profile (this step is important

    for us,because we allow 2 shops in any Area-to protect your and our business)

3) In 2 hours you will receive message on phone number provided and ...

4) You will be ready to see and buy at wholesale prices!


Free Delivery on all wholesale orders!

Due to our wholesale prices, we can do delivery just in UK!