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Fake Cigarettes

You will find really different and funny souvenirs at best wholesale price!All the articles are made in UK-and I am sure,you have never seen these amazing products at perfect wholesale price!First of all-they are totally handmade!The Souvenir Cigarettes are attraction-as a joke or advertisement-will cheer up every customer in your shop!They can be made with your cheerful bespoke picture(without additional cost), or with a photo and text - from your city,or your area,or...your face!Тhey are made in likeness of real cigarettes-but their sizes are amazing!Get the best wholesale price for souvenirs-from UK producer!


  • Large Fake Cigarettes 21 cm

    Nice looking attractive souvenirs-especially for tourists-we can put on it your picture for free!With High=21 cm and Diameter=2,3 cm , these cigarettes are perfect for people you love,just for fun or joke,for advertising your business ,or just to sell something memorandable to any visitor!They are copy of real cigarettes,even you can see tobacco(this is actually tea)!Packed by cellophane-100% protection!

  • Realistic Fake Cigar 30 cm

     Middle size 30 cm Fake Cigarettes for max Fun!With their High=30 cm and Diameter=2,3 cm you might to confuse everyone!Your friends will be wondering how can be real this big Souvenir Cigarette-but please tell them-you can't smoke it!It looks absolutly real,even with tobacco(but we made it with tea)!Totally stunning gift for smokers and perfect for joke!Packed by cellophane-100% protection!

  • Huge Cigarettes 50 cm

    You have never seen Big Cigarette like this - 50 cm HIGH and Diameter=4 cm! This will be your gift - UNSEEN and UNIQUE perfect joke for anyone!Who may not laugh?Apart of this-your Cigarette can be personalised for free!Your friends will never forget this gift ever!Packed by cellophane-100% protection!

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