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Our UK based branch opens on the 1st of February 2021

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  • Full set Greeting Cards!

    Our offer to SHOPS

    Set Package: Light Grid Display with 20 hooks (Wall-mounted). A set contains 200 "PAPYRUS" Greeting Cards and when you order full set (200+), the Grid comes FREE! Doesn't matter what types of our GREETING CARDS you order at wholesale price (either our ready-made or BESPOKE ones - at your request) - if you purchase more than 200 Greeting Cards at once - the Grid is always free! The size of the our Grid 115 x 75 cm (heigh x width). You may prefer to use your own stand or rack with hooks. All of our PAPYRUS Cards are packeged into transparent plastic sleeve with 7 mm hall. You can hang them wherever you want!


    We have several types of Discounts for Our Fake Diplomas and Funny Certificates:

    Order before 1.02.2021 to receive a 15% discount on any order + any discount below:

    500 pcs. Buyer - 10% discount on the final amount!

    1000 pcs. Buyer - 15% discount on the final amount!

    WE DON'T ACCUMULATE DISCOUNTS! (exception - until 01.02.2021)