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  • Greeting Cards wholesale!
    Greeting Cards wholesale!
  • Cigarette-bestseller!

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All the Products, made by GreetingCards.London are entire hand-made!

For you will be really hard even just to imagine-to compete 1 SOUVENIR CIGARETTE(as product)-we need to do 12 different fully handmade stages!!!

And still these attractive amazing cheap souvenirs are made in UK-at better Price then Chinese producers!(have a look at our video explanation HERE(21 cm), HERE(30 cm) and HERE(50 centimeters)

Talking about our Greeting Cards - they are unique, with totally different view and we are proud with our registered UK Design!

Many people called our wishing Cards PAPYRUS CARDS , because they look like as ancient Egyptian papyrus!They are printed on special customized marble paper and are hand-finished!

At the end - you can't find so cheap and attractive greeting cards with best wholesale price in UK(even in EU).

If you have a small shop(or bigger one) and still looking for some attractive products with excellent profit-please get in touch!

You will find wholesale souvenirs at best price!

Find out more for our GREETING CARDS(registered design) here!

Explore our BIG FAKE CIGARETTES(3 different XXL sizes) here!


Why you would choose us :

1. Our products are completely different - customers enjoy something unusual

2. Attraction, Attraction , Attraction - Unique Design

3. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap - best Wholesale price (made in UK)

4. Your bespoke Design is welcome - for FREE(very small series are Welcome)

5. The cheapest greeting cards - handmade finished,with special registered design!

6. Тerritorial sale - Our products in maximum 2 shops in particular Area